The Journey of Humanity

The Journey of Humanity takes on the huge task of explaining how humanity got to this point, which the author calls the Mystery of Growth. The second half explains why this growth has not been universal across nations, which the author calls the Mystery of Inequality. From the Malthusian (hunter-gatherer)Continue Reading

Four-Season Food Gardening

You may think that gardening is a spring and summer activity. Four-season Food Gardening is out to prove you wrong. From planning your garden to specific tasks for each season, the book includes all you need to know to keep your fruit, vegetable and herb gardens going all year long.Continue Reading

Tiny Space Gardening

If you think your apartment is too small for an edible garden, think again. Tiny Space Gardening is achievable for all! The book covers all the usual beginning gardening topics such as watering, soil and light but focuses on container gardening. The scale of your garden is only limited byContinue Reading

Our Wild Farming Life

If you watch Britbox in the United States or BBC2 in the United Kingdom, you might have seen the authors on season 3 of This Farming Life. But they are already established in that show. Here in Our Wild Farming Life, you can read their backstory that also includes whatContinue Reading

Bone Deep

When investigating a wife’s murder, police investigators always look at the husband first. Bone Deep tells the true story of what happens when that assumption is incorrect—but the husband is convicted of murder anyway. Yes, the Russ Faria case of injustice really happened. And yes, it is the subject ofContinue Reading

The Art of Papercraft

If you’re feeling crafty (in a good way), The Art of Papercraft will give you some relatively inexpensive paper crafting ideas. From an Origami Candy Dish to wall hangings, this book has forty different projects using various techniques. It even teaches how to make the paper itself. The instructions areContinue Reading

This Way to the Universe

Curious about physics but hate all the math? Same here. This Way to the Universe provides a dense and diverse look into the subject written in plain English, mostly. From quantum physics to astrophysics, most questions are answered here. However, don’t expect an easy read. I would describe it asContinue Reading

Grow More Food

Grow More Food is written for serious gardeners. If you are an intermediate gardener and want to level up production, this book will help you do it. However, you should have at least two to three years of home gardening under your belt first. Alternatively, you can start here ifContinue Reading

A Taste for Poison

As a lifelong mystery devotee, I definitely have A Taste for Poison. After all, my favorite author, Agatha Christie, used it in many of her plots. Agatha had been trained in pharmacology during WWI, which gave her plots authenticity. Now, aspiring mystery writers, and potential murderers I suppose, can justContinue Reading

The Intermittent Fasting Revolution

Go deep, really deep, into the science of The Intermittent Fasting Revolution. Can time-restricted eating or alternate fasting days really cure diabetes, obesity, and possibly other diseases? The author says yes. Then he proceeds to prove his case with vast research looking at early humans, studies he has run sinceContinue Reading

Super Gut

Ten years ago, the author of Super Gut published Wheat Belly. The book, which advocated restricting wheat, was a hit! I even followed its plan for years. So, I was excited to see he had written a new book. Unfortunately, Super Gut is a disappointment. The new diet incorporates theContinue Reading


Is virtual reality genuine reality? Are we all living in a simulated reality right now? Is it possible to lead a life in a virtual world that is just as good, or better, than “real life”? In Reality+, a philosopher explains his thoughts on these and six other common philosophicalContinue Reading