Food, We Need to Talk

Food, We Need to Talk

Food, We Need to Talk is the latest diet book I’ve read but it is completely different than most diet books. Instead of a diet plan full of restrictions with recipes at the end, this book is full of refreshing ideas about how, and why, plans like that don’t work long-term. According to the book, the last big diet craze, keto, carries too high a risk of causing major medical issues. Also, Ozempic, the current fashionable diet of choice, doesn’t work too well either. Eighteen pounds average weight loss in sixteen weeks is worse than the WW promise and infinitely more expensive.

 The book’s conclusion is something you probably already know: there are no quick solutions and exercise is almost always mandatory for good health. However, the fun is watching the authors, a podcaster and a Harvard professor/medical doctor, tear into popular diet strategies. I have done almost everything gored in this book from detox teas to keto. Some do work for awhile but here I sit at pretty much the same weight I’ve been for years. It is nice to know it wasn’t my lack of willpower but a flaw in the strategy itself. 5 stars!

Thanks to St. Martin’s Press and NetGalley for a digital review copy of the book.

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