Under a Rock

I so wanted to like Chris Stein’s, the guitarist from Blondie, autobiography, Under a Rock. Unfortunately, from my perspective, it needed both editing down and fleshing out. The author includes a lot of details about his childhood, 30% of the book, that didn’t add much to his story. When heContinue Reading

The Queen of Poisons

Mayor Geoffrey was beloved by everyone in the English small town of Marlow. Well, by everyone but his killer. It seems that The Queen of Poisons, aconite, had somehow made it into his coffee at a local town council planning committee meeting, of which he was a member. Luckily, Suzie,Continue Reading

Tiger Chair

In Tiger Chair, a Chinese platoon leader writes a very long letter home to his best friend from the front. It is not a cheerful letter. Ten long years ago, China declared a world war after a squabble in Taiwan. The letter writer has been stationed in Los Angeles forContinue Reading

If Something Happens to Me

Ryan is on a lover’s lane date with his girlfriend, Ali, when he is ripped from the car. The assailant takes off with both Ali and the car. The only detail Ryan can remember about the man is he has both pinkies missing. The police suspect Ryan’s story but don’tContinue Reading