The Queen of Poisons

Mayor Geoffrey was beloved by everyone in the English small town of Marlow. Well, by everyone but his killer. It seems that The Queen of Poisons, aconite, had somehow made it into his coffee at a local town council planning committee meeting, of which he was a member. Luckily, Suzie,Continue Reading

If Something Happens to Me

Ryan is on a lover’s lane date with his girlfriend, Ali, when he is ripped from the car. The assailant takes off with both Ali and the car. The only detail Ryan can remember about the man is he has both pinkies missing. The police suspect Ryan’s story but don’tContinue Reading

Lights, Camera, Bones

Lights, Camera, Bones is another great cozy mystery starring the Delaney Detective Agency. The Agency consists of organic farmer Sarah Booth Delaney and her best friend Southern belle Tinkie. They are asked to investigate some disappearances from a nearby movie set. The movie is about local Mississippi history. However, someContinue Reading

Behind A Closed Door

First off, I love all the author’s previous thrillers. I also love a good genre mashup. Behind a Closed Door is marketed as a romantic thriller. But is it really? I would say it’s closer to a male erotica thriller. It reminds me of the uncomfortable sexism of a MickeyContinue Reading

The Imposter Puzzle Book

The Imposter Puzzle Book contains twelve varied puzzles to solve. Some are easy and some are more difficult. One I had solved without knowing it. The evidence presented includes handwritten notes, police statements, phone records, diary entries, and much more. It was fun to play amateur detective for several days.Continue Reading

Darling Girls

Jessica, Norah, and Alicia are as close as biological sisters. Twenty-five years ago, they shared a foster home with the seemingly perfect Miss Fairchild. From the outside, their life as Miss Fairchild’s Darling Girlslooked happy. However, behind her public facade, Miss Fairchild was a narcissist with a mean streak. TheContinue Reading

Torn Asunder

Julia runs a seasonal professional clambake for mostly tourists on her family’s island off the coast of Maine. The island is remote and only reachable by boat. In Torn Asunder, Julia is beginning a new service. She is using her recently renovated mansion on the island to host weddings. HerContinue Reading

Four-Alarm Homicide

Vandalism, arson, and death are found in the latest cozy House-Flipper mystery, Four-Alarm Homicide. Cousins Whitney and Buck are flipping a historic firehouse and a nearby townhouse. Many local residents show an interest in purchasing the townhouse. However, Whitney has already given the right of first refusal to the townhouse’sContinue Reading


What if Jurassic Park was real? But instead of dinosaurs, extremely large extinct animals like woolly mammoths, are recreated. Would you visit? Would you agree with the morality of man becoming godlike? All that is part of Extinction, the latest book by one of the authors of the Lincoln PendergastContinue Reading

The Eleven

An intern from a gossip magazine is sent to interview a reclusive author. The author recounts a harrowing story of his life and his connection to a cult called The Eleven represented by the symbol XIIX. This is no ordinary cult. The Eleven is a great example of why IContinue Reading

The Poison Pen

American ex-pat and Scottish bookseller Delaney has done it again. The amateur sleuth has become entangled in a murder, a hoarder’s life, a pushy attorney, and a possibly stolen national artifact. Can Delaney solve the crime and determine the proper answers to the other questions? You will spend a delightfulContinue Reading