One by One

It’s a tech company’s team building meeting in an isolated ski resort in the remote French Alps. Ten Britons go in. One by One they are picked off. Remind you of another famous, but not racial sensitive, tale? It is hard to beat Dame Agatha at, literally, her own game.Continue Reading

Checked Out for Murder Review and Giveaway

My Review Checked Out for Murder is jam-packed with relationship drama and genuine characters. When a new town resident is murdered, library event director, Carrie, investigates. She believes it might be related to an unsolved homicide from twenty years earlier. Or could it really be as simple as the victim’sContinue Reading

Murder at Hotel 1911

The blurb for Murder at Hotel 1911 drew me in. “A hotel clerk prone to panic attacks turns amateur detective in this elegant and atmospheric murder mystery.” The book’s setting in a mansion permanently stuck in 1911 is very original. In my opinion, the atmospheric setting and its associated historyContinue Reading

The Ninja's Blade

Lily Wong is a lot of things: half-Hong Kong Chinese, half North Dakota Norwegian, and full ninja. She works with a women’s shelter to extract women from dangerous situations. In The Ninja’s Blade, Lily is trying to break up a child sex trafficking ring in her own Los Angeles backyard.Continue Reading

Mystery of Henri Pick

The Mystery of Henri Pick is about how such a pragmatic man, a local pizza maker, could write such a beautiful novel. Delphine is an editor at a small French publishing house. She selects Frederic’s book, The Bathtub, from her slush pile and publishes it. It bombs. However, Delphine andContinue Reading

Dark Hollows

Long-buried secrets are revealed in the Dark Hollows of Jacob’s life. Jacob lives in The Hollows in Vermont. He owns a coffee shop. Jacob also short-term rents out a cottage on his land to leaf peepers and other tourists. His large black Lab mutt, Murphy, is prominent in his adsContinue Reading