Stay Awake

Liv wakes up in the back of a NYC cab with no memory of how she got there or where the cab is taking her. When she arrives at her apartment, strangers are living there and quickly kick her back outside. Liv has no purse, so she looks through herContinue Reading

Dear Little Corpses

A rent collector is murdered, and children are missing in Dear Little Corpses, the latest Josephine Tey mystery. The heroine of Dear Little Corpses is a fictionalized Josephine Tey. Tey was a writer of laudable British golden age mysteries that fictionalized historical figures. This book attempts to do the sameContinue Reading

The Family Remains

In London, Lucy and Henry are siblings who share a horrible childhood. But they are now grown up and recently received trust funds from their deceased parents. When a man from their troubled past resurfaces, the siblings are forced to dissect The Family Remains. Meanwhile, Lucy’s abusive ex is foundContinue Reading

The New Neighbor

In The New Neighbor, CIA analyst Beth is having a terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day. She and her husband, Mike, are officially empty nesters once they drop their youngest child off at college. Their beautiful house has sold and they’re downsizing to a much smaller rental house tomorrow.Continue Reading

Coached Red-Handed

In Coached Red-Handed, coach Cat has a new client. Scarlet Rubi is a fabulously rich romance author who is sick of supporting her extended family. Her sister, nephew, two grown children, and two granddaughters have never done anything in their lives but suck money away from her. Cat and ScarletContinue Reading

Things We Do in the Dark

Paris Peralta awakens to a scream. Police command her to drop the weapon. She looks down and sees a bloody straight razor in her hand. Behind her, her husband Jimmy is dead in their en suite bathtub. Paris can remember nothing of what occurred. This is the headrush scenario ofContinue Reading


Imagine a world where gene editing had gone too far and caused famine and death. Then picture life ten years later, when gene editing is mostly illegal and highly regulated by the world’s governments. That is the near-future world of Upgrade, the latest novel by the author of the WaywardContinue Reading

Hotel California

Hotel California contains eight mystery stories not all of which are set in California. In a clever homage, the story titles are the names of the songs on The Eagles album Hotel California. The stories express all the different sub-genres of mystery. The stories vary from a new Jack ReacherContinue Reading

The Drug Trial

The premise of The Drug Trial is great. Elle is a woman constantly manipulated by her mother. When Elle realizes her mum has conned her out of her vacation funds, Elle gets drunk and signs up for an unbelievable deal. A free one-month island vacation and 20,000 cash at theContinue Reading

Acts of Violet

Acts of Violet is the latest twisty mystery from the author of Oona Out of Order. Violet Volk was a magician in the eighties. She was famous for her unfathomable stage illusions. In the nineties, she retired to write and hawk self-help books. Finally, in 2008, she returned to theContinue Reading