The Bullet

In The Bullet, Diane has discovered a magic herb that has the possibility to overturn how people are healed forever. But when the discovery is leaked, a billionaire will do anything to keep the breakthrough to himself. Diane goes to her ex-husband, Joe, to ask for help. Joe, Eve, andContinue Reading

Castle Shade

Castle Shade stars Sherlock Holmes and his wife of almost five years, Mary Russell. In 1925, they are hired by the Queen of Roumania, Queen Marie, to determine who is sending her threatening notes. However, after arriving at her castle in rural Transylvania, they discover the locals fear a strigol,Continue Reading

Loch Down Abbey

The Ogilvy-Sinclair family had everything: the 120-room Loch Down Abbey, an earldom, and servants galore. But soon a pox came upon their house. An illness was crossing their land and all of Scotland. First, their children’s nanny died. Then more and more servants were sickened. Eventually, the village shops andContinue Reading

The Hive

The Hive begins with a compelling mystery. A college journalism student is found dead. Police officer Lindsay is investigating the death. The victim was looking into the death twenty years ago at a self-help “cult” guru’s residence. Was the recent death an accident or murder? If the latter, could itContinue Reading

Reserved for Murder

Charlotte runs a book-themed Bed & Breakfast in North Carolina. One of her guests is famous author, Amanda, and three of her friends. However, when the president of Amanda’s fan club is murdered, Charlotte once again must put on her detective hat to solve the crime in Reserved for Murder.Continue Reading

The Disappearing Act

In The Disappearing Act, British actress, Mia, has found another outsider in Emily during the Hollywood pilot season. But then Emily vanishes. When Mia tries to find her, she finds secrets and lies standing in her way. What happened to Emily? And what will happen to Mia in this shadowyContinue Reading

A Dark and Secret Place

Heather and her mother haven’t talked much lately. When Heather learns that her mum has killed herself, she returns to her mother’s house to discover why. Heather’s mum has been corresponding with an imprisoned serial killer for decades—even before he was arrested. What was their relationship? Do the current copycatContinue Reading

Rising Danger

Bristol and her bomb-sniffing dog, Toby, must stop an environmental terrorist from blowing up several Minneapolis dams in Rising Danger. She must also grapple with working with her ex-boyfriend, Rem. Memories of her own losses during Hurricane Katrina complicate her hunt for the killer. Hunting for the bombs and survivorsContinue Reading

The Photographer

Delta Dawn is The Photographer. She specializes in children’s birthday parties. Rich children. One day, she works for the Straubs. She envies their lifestyle. So, she begins integrating herself into their life. First, by last-minute babysitting of their only child, Natalie. Then, by photoshopping herself into intimate pictures with FritzContinue Reading