Freeze Fresh

If you have a garden and want an alternative to canning, you need Freeze Fresh. It clearly and concisely explains how to freeze your abundant harvests (or farmer’s market/supermarket sale finds). It covers 55 fruits, vegetables and herbs. It also includes recipes used before freezing and many more using theContinue Reading


Locklands is the thrilling conclusion to the Founders Trilogy. An evil being is trying to control the world in this excellent computer programming-based fantasy tale. Just as Lord of the Rings depicted the menacing pre-WWII world at the time of its publishing, so this series depicts our QAnon blockchained worldContinue Reading

The Chase

Thirty-four relatives of employees at a Nevada state prison are traveling by bus to the prison’s annual inmate vs. guard baseball game. The bus driver is shot and the bus veers off the road before coming to a stop. A man calls the prison’s warden. He wants all the prisonersContinue Reading