Just like this cookbook’s one word title, Saucy, I only have one word to describe it, yum! The recipes all look, because each has a photo, and sound delicious. Most include only common pantry ingredients, though you may have to buy a few of the more exotic spices if you don’t have them on hand. The recipes are easy enough for beginners to master—mostly it’s as easy as measuring and mixing together the ingredients.

Most of the sauces are vegan and gluten free, or easily adapted to be so. Each of the sauce recipes include ideas for what to serve them with that are both meat and non-meat based. They also include a few alternate ingredients for a slightly different taste or in case you are missing one. Storage instructions are also included.

All of the recipes use healthy natural ingredients. Making your own sauces instead of purchasing the bottles and packets from the store will save you money but also avoid all the chemicals, and other mystery additives, in the grocery store versions.

I’ve tried a few of these recipes. They were delicious and really elevated the plain chicken or vegetables they were served with. Saucy is a 5 star cookbook and a favorite! In fact, I’ve already preordered my own copy.

Thanks to Chronicle Books and NetGalley for a digital review copy of the book.

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