The Noh Mask Murder

The Noh Mask Murder

The Noh Mask Murder has the best conclusion of a golden age locked room mystery that I’ve read since Agatha Christie died. It is brilliant.

There are two things that annoy me in this book. First, it spoils the ending of a famous Christie book. Second, it would have been mega helpful to put a cast of characters in the front of the book. The 1970s paperback publisher always added one to their Christie reprints. It would have been especially helpful with so many unfamiliar names. But those are minor points.

If you want to truly test your armchair detective skills, you must read The Noh Mask Murder. It is a fun challenge! Alas, I guessed only part of the solution. See if you can do better. 5 stars to my favorite book this year!

Thanks to Pushkin Vertigo and NetGalley for a digital review copy of the book.

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