The Heiress

Camden is through with his family. For ten years, he has been living the independent life of an English teacher with his wife Jules, and he likes it that way. However, when his uncle dies, he feels compelled to return to the family’s North Carolina mansion. You see his familyContinue Reading

Thirty Days of Darkness

Thirty Days of Darkness is a Nordic thriller with a twist. Hannah is a low selling award winning literary fiction author. She looks down upon genre fiction like mysteries. She takes up a challenge by a well-known bestselling mystery author, Jorn, to write her own mystery novel in thirty days.Continue Reading

The Edge

The Edge is another terrific thriller from the master, David Baldacci. A former Ranger, Travis Devine, is working for the government in various shady projects. His latest assignment is to investigate the murder of CIA agent Jenny Silkwell in a rural coastal Maine town. The agent’s phone and laptop areContinue Reading

The Burglar Who Met Fredric Brown

Bernie is a gentleman thief. He is also the owner of a brick-and-mortar bookshop in Greenwich Village, New York. Neither of those occupations are easy in today’s world. His customers browse in his bookstore but buy their books online. Cameras and electronic locks are everywhere. But what if one morning,Continue Reading

Dirty Thirty

Stephanie Plum and her entire circle of co-workers, friends and family are back in Dirty Thirty. Bail bondswoman Stephanie is looking for a bunch of bail jumpers and a possible jewel thief. Former lady of the evening Lula is her irrepressible self trying to avoid a stalker, who just happensContinue Reading

Dating Can Be Deadly

It’s always a great day when I get to drop in on the antics in Harvest, Ohio. Millie is an Amish matchmaker and widow. Lois is her non-Amish purple haired multi-divorcee longtime best friend. In Dating Can Be Deadly, Millie puts aside her matchmaking to enter her latest quilt inContinue Reading


A former television star has an evening go quickly from bad to worse in the new graphic novel, Parasocial. Luke Indiana is at a comics convention signing autographs and posing for fan selfies. His evening soon descends into a cat-and-mouse thriller between himself and his “number 1 fan”. I wasn’tContinue Reading