Hemlock Island

Hemlock Island begins with an intriguing, but not very original, premise. Laney has recently divorced her husband, Kit. She refused alimony but agreed to keep the remote private island where they lived. Unfortunately, she cannot maintain such an elaborate estate on her teacher’s salary. She has been renting out theContinue Reading

The Stranger Upstairs

A bestselling author, therapist, and social media influencer decides to document her renovation of a house where a tragic murder occurred. Unfortunately, a shattering marriage and the slow unraveling of her long-buried family secrets threaten both the project and her life. Will the madness of the house’s former murderous familyContinue Reading

Scenes of the Crime

Five friends have a girls’ weekend at a remote vineyard, which results in a missing woman. Did she have an accident or were more sinister forces at work? One of the women decides to have a reunion at the Scenes of the Crime while working on a script about whatContinue Reading

The Fury

On the publisher’s blurb of a new thriller is a clear challenge, “My name is Elliot Chase, and I’m going to tell you a story unlike any you’ve ever heard.” I confidently chose to take up the challenge. However, I should’ve known, based on the author’s previous book, The SilentContinue Reading

Looking Glass Sound

Looking Glass Sound is a chameleon of a book. It begins as a coming-of-age tale set in a creepy, almost gothic setting. There is, of course, a serial killer and a child peeper loose that may or may not be the same person. It also has a literary fiction styleContinue Reading

Dark Corners

In Dark Corners, Rachel Krall is a true crime podcaster. She built up a following by using her show to prove the innocence of convicted murderers. But even she is not ready when the FBI asks her to speak with a presumed serial killer, Terry Bailey. Terry has only twoContinue Reading

Birder, She Wrote

Meg Langslow and her crazy family and friends are back for their thirty-third humorous cozy mystery with Birder, She Wrote. This time Meg’s friends take center stage when a gentrified area of town becomes riled up about a farmer’s beehives and take matters into their own hands by poisoning allContinue Reading

Steeped in Malice

It’s always delightful to step back into the world of Lily and her grandmother Rose in the Tea by the Sea cozy mysteries. In Steeped in Malice, it gets personal for Lily when a well-heeled guest is killed. Wesley, the victim’s new husband aka Lily’s abusive ex-boyfriend, has millions ofContinue Reading

The Block Party

The Block Party makes me glad I moved away from the suburbs! Everyone in the cul de sac is trying to impress everyone else at their annual block party. But they are all burdened with secrets. Secrets that come out after a murder occurs at the following year’s party. AsContinue Reading