The Maze

Do you miss the opposite-of-feminist writing of Mickey Spillane? Do you think Bill Cosby and Harvey Weinstein were unfairly targeted? If so, I have a book for you. The Maze harkens back to a long-ago time when men were men and women were only good for one thing. John CoreyContinue Reading

Righteous Prey

It’s always fun to be on a ride-a-long with Virgil Flowers and Lucas Davenport and the villains are even wilder in Righteous Prey. The Five, a pack of bitcoin billionaires with too much time (and money) on their hands, are killing “bad people” across the United States. When the thirdContinue Reading

Mad Honey

Can a tendency towards violence against women be inherited? Olivia left her ex-husband twelve years ago when their son, Asher, was only six. Now, Asher’s girlfriend, Lily, has been found dead and Asher has been arrested. Is it a case of the sins of the father revisiting the children? OrContinue Reading

The Christmas Murder Game

Lily’s aunt and adopted mother, Liliana, has died. Lily and her four cousins and their two spouses must play a game to win her luscious country estate/hotel. A snowstorm traps everyone inside the mansion with no way to communicate with the outside world. Twelve days of puzzles. Twelve days ofContinue Reading

Murder on the Poet's Walk

What could be more peaceful than a weekend poetry conference at a beautiful estate/hotel in rural Virginia? Fifty poets are attending. All are hoping to win a greeting card company’s job competition. Unfortunately, the tranquility is soon shattered when the estate’s manager, Jane, finds a woman’s body posed like aContinue Reading

Treasure State

Montana private investigator Cassie Dewell is working on two cases in Treasure State, the sixth in the Highway Quartet series. [Why is it book six of a series of four (the definition of quartet)? I have no idea.] Cassie’s first case is a bit of a puzzle. A poem hasContinue Reading

Bad Day Breaking

In Bad Day Breaking, the fourth book in the series, Sheriff Heidi has both personal and professional challenges to overcome. Heidi has had a rough life. Her parents being murdered sent her into a downward spiral of drugs and bad decisions. Now one of the people from her past isContinue Reading

The Enigma of Room 622

Hmmm. The Enigma of Room 622 was definitely an enigma for me. Over 600 pages leading to nowhere. I can’t believe this mess was written by the same person who wrote the excellent Harry Quebert book. This book was definitely not worth eleven hours of my time—or of yours. 1Continue Reading

Daisy Darker

The setting of Daisy Darker setting is pure Agatha Christie’s And Then There Were None. A family is celebrating their matriarch’s birthday on a remote island. There is no way to return to the mainland, or even contact the police, when someone is murdered. The guests must race to findContinue Reading

Peanut Butter Panic

In Peanut Butter Panic, Bailey is catering the desserts for a new village Thanksgiving celebration. But when the boyfriend of the celebration organizer’s mother dies from an allergic peanut reaction, Bailey must prove that her family’s sweet shop didn’t accidently kill him toot sweet. I always look forward to readingContinue Reading