The Chuckling Fingers

In The Chuckling Fingers, increasingly hostile pranks are played on a rich Michigan family. All eyes turn to the new bride, Jacqueline. Level-headed Ann comes to the family’s compound to clear her cousin’s name by unmasking the real perpetrator. Whenever I read one of these golden age mysteries it isContinue Reading

Felonious Monk

Did you like to read Mike Hammer books or watch James Bond movies in your youth? If you are male and enjoy man’s man (pre-#metoo) stories, then Felonious Monk is perfect for you. For everyone else, not so much. Tommy was sent to a monastery to escape murder charges afterContinue Reading

Railroaded 4 Murder Review and Giveaway

My Review In Railroaded 4 Murder, Phee works as a bookkeeper for a private investigation firm in Arizona. Their latest client, Roxanne, thinks her husband, Wilbur, is cheating on her. Roxanne and Wilbur as well as Phee’s mother, Harriet, live in Sun City West, a massive Arizona retirement community. WilburContinue Reading

The Elimination Threat

Aha! I have uncovered the identity of Q, the mysterious head of the QAnon conspiracy. He is not a government insider—at least not in his official bio. No, he is the author of this book. The Elimination Threat reads just like the QAnon conspiracies. A massive hidden cabal running theContinue Reading

Danger at the Cove

In Danger at the Cove, Evie and her sister Margot are renovating an Art Deco hotel on Tregarrick Island off the Cornish coast of England. When Margot invites her old Hollywood friend, Louise, to the still-a-construction-zone hotel to help with marketing, the dead bodies start piling up. And what’s withContinue Reading


It was supposed to be the ultimate girl’s trip. Hiking into the Grand Canyon in the off-season to reunite two adult sisters with their best friend from high school. It was the perfect Getaway. But then some of their supplies go missing. They suspect someone might be following them intoContinue Reading

The Family Plot

Dahlia grew up on Blackburn Island with her twin Andy, older sister Tate, and oldest brother Charlie. All were homeschooled in true crime by their weird, serial killer-obsessed mother. At sixteen, Andy runs away from home. Ten years later, when their taciturn father dies, the three remaining children return homeContinue Reading