Under the Storm

Under the Storm is a rural Swedish police procedural. A woman is killed and her house burned to the ground. A bloody man is found wandering in a nearby forest. The man is arrested for the woman’s death. But a local policeman doubts his guilt. As the years pass, theContinue Reading

The Bucket List

In The Bucket List, undercover FBI agent, John Adderley, is put into the witness protection program in his hometown in Sweden. He needs to return to the US to testify once the drug cartel’s trial begins. Meanwhile, he investigates a ten-year-old Swedish cold case where the body of a heiress,Continue Reading

The Rabbit Hunter

Swedish Detective Joona Linna is back in another twisty, dark and violent police procedural chasing a diabolical serial killer called The Rabbit Hunter. Saga Bauer, an officer in the Swedish Security Police specializing in counterterrorism, is investigating the savage murder of the Swedish Foreign Minister. The Minister was in theContinue Reading


A Stalker is loose in Stockholm and Detective Joona Linna is hunting him before he can kill again. A serial killer is sending YouTube links to the Swedish National Crime Unit showing peeping Tom video of women right before they are murdered. What connects the videos or woman? Who couldContinue Reading