The Lantern’s Dance

The Lantern's Dance

In The Lantern’s Dance, Mary Russell and her husband Sherlock Holmes are back to unravel another mystery. This time it involves Sherlock’s son and their genealogy, which makes fascinating reading.

Mary and Sherlock visit his recently discovered adult son, Damien. It seems Damien and his family have been scared off from their home by mysterious “foreigners”. Mary, who has twisted her ankle, stays at Damien’s home, while Sherlock rushes out of town to help his son. But Mary is not bored as she finds a long hidden coded diary and she slowly deciphers the author’s story. Meanwhile, Sherlock is chasing a mysterious lascar, or Indian sailor, who broke into Damien’s home and another pair of Indian men who seem to be following the family with ominous intentions. The chapters alternate Sherlock’s and Mary’s discoveries.

I have read this series sporadically over the years. Some of the books keep my interest more than others. I loved this one the best so far! Peering into Sherlock’s past was fascinating. The author puts so much effort in keeping her writing in alignment with the Holmes canon that sometimes it seems like Arthur Conan Doyle has been reincarnated. I did guess Mary’s big reveal early in the book. However, that did not reduce my delight in the plot of The Lantern’s Dance. If you like this series or the Holmes stories at all, this book is a must read. 5 stars!

Thanks to Random House and NetGalley for a digital review copy of the book.

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