The Book of Doors

The Book of Doors

I so want to find The Book of Doors. For you see, the book allows you to open a door and travel anywhere you can imagine. No more crowded coach airplane seats for me!

When Cassie is given the book posthumously by a customer in the bookshop where she works, she has fun traveling with her friend Izzy around their hometown of New York City. But, as always, when there is something great, the evil rich want to grab it for themselves. It turns out the world is full of books with magical powers. The good librarians are trying to keep them from the evil rich. To do that they sometimes use time travel. But mostly they just use their wits.

The Book of Doors combines the wonder of Alice in Wonderland and the modern idea of time travel with a classic good versus evil plot line. It is magical realism with a fantasy/sci-fi setting. It is also a bit convoluted and increasingly unbelievable toward the end. Still, I enjoyed it so 4 stars!

Thanks to William Morrow and NetGalley for a digital review copy of the book.

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