28-Day FAST Start Day-by-Day

28-Day FAST Start Day-by-Day

The 28-Day FAST Start Day-by-Day is an accompanying workbook for the author’s 2020 book, Fast, Feast, Repeat. The author repeatedly states you must read the older book too. I haven’t read the other book but its blurb states that it has a 28-day fasting plan within it. I’m confused. Why do I need this book then?

It appears that this handbook just cuts down on the writing requirement of the original book. Instead of writing down which plan you followed each day, you can just circle it. It even has prewritten “strategies [used] to manage my feelings today” to circle.

There are some rah rahs to IF included here and it does make you feel not so alone on your IF journey. Since I haven’t read the first book, I don’t know if those parts are included there as well. But I would assume so.

I wanted an intermittent fasting book without all the boring research. What I got was a book with preprinted forms to complete with constant sales pitches for a book with all the research. I could just type up one copy of the daily check in form and make 28 photocopies to use and buy the other book for instructions and motivational stories. I wish the author had added more concrete information to this book instead.

If you have more money than time, buy both the 28-Day FAST Start Day-by-Day and Fast, Feast, Repeat. Otherwise, just buy the earlier book and save yourself some money for a new smaller pair of jeans. 3 stars because this book isn’t bad—just unnecessary. It will encourage me to buy, or check out, Fast, Feast, Repeat so it works as a marketing tool at least.

Thanks to St. Martin’s Griffin and NetGalley for a digital review copy of the book.

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