Extra Easy Keto

Extra Easy Keto

Some of us are impulsive, while others like to plan out everything in detail. If you are the latter, Extra Easy Keto is the keto diet book for you!

“Starting too fast on a keto diet can backfire. I’ve seen this time and time again.”

The book gives a one-week plan on how to ease your way into a keto diet. For example, day one’s goal is to understand what a keto diet consists of and why it works. It isn’t until day four that the steps lead to a grocery store and day seven when a seven-day meal plan with a grocery list is made. Day seven also contains a suggested meal plan with ten recipes.

Again, Extra Easy Keto is great for planners. I believe it probably would work better for those types of people as a first step than the author’s more famous keto book, Dirty, Lazy, Keto. However, for us impulsive people, and we know who we are, there is nothing here for us that isn’t in the original book. So, for planners, this book would rate 5 stars. But for those wanting a quicker start, Dirty, Lazy, Keto is a better choice.

Thanks to St. Martin’s Press and NetGalley for a digital review copy of the book.

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