Below the Line

Below the Line

Below the Line is a modern-day Hollywood noir brimming over with genuine characters.

Everyone is trying to make it in Tinseltown…but not all have virtuous goals.

Former Detroit homicide detective Blake had a lucrative career as a LA script consultant. Until he didn’t. Hoping a promised production credit pans out if he can find a missing ex-wife, Blake searches within the dark underbelly of LA. Unfortunately, a career criminal has the same goal but not the same ethics. Cue the fireworks!

With both believable characters and an excellent twisty plot, Below the Line is a great choice for noir fans. Add in the pitch perfect descriptions of the real LA hidden beneath the PR sheen and you have a fantastic book that I highly recommend. 5 stars!

Thanks to Skyhorse Publishing and Edelweiss + for a digital review copy of the book.

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