Tell-Tale Bones

Tell-Tale Bones

In Tell-Tale Bones, spousal abuse, disappearances, a psychic, a ghost, and Edgar Allen Poe combine to create an intriguing cozy mystery.

Sarah Booth and her best friend, Tinkie, are private detectives in small town Zinnia, Mississippi. Sarah Booth is frequently visited by her family’s ghost, Jitty, who tries to help solve their cases too.

The women have two cases in this book. A psychic has been having recurring dreams about a beating heart a la Edgar Allan Poe. A mother is concerned that her daughter’s abusive husband is trying to steal her estate. The daughter has been missing for almost seven years along with her best friend. Are they dead or just hiding? If the former, where are their bodies and were they killed by the husband?

This is the twenty-sixth book in this series, but the originality of the plot keeps the storyline fresh. The relationship between the two main characters is what keeps me coming back to this series again and again as their lives continue to grow from book to book. This series is definitely better when read in order.

The plot is a little darker than most cozies but not in a triggering way. The mystery is twisty and keeps the reader involved until the conclusion.

Overall, while the plot is rather sad, Tell-Tale Bones is an interesting read. 3.5 stars!

Thanks to Minotaur Books and NetGalley for a digital review copy of the book.

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