Castle Skull

Be forewarned! Castle Skull is not your typical John Dickson Carr mystery. It has many melodramatic elements tacked onto the traditional golden-age mystery. A castle that looks like a skull. Its owner, a magician, missing from a train car who is later found drowned in a nearby river. A closeContinue Reading

Measure of Malice

A sharpened pickax, a full water butt (barrel), a marline-spike, an obscure poison are all used (or maybe not used) for murder with A Measure of Malice in this new collection of British golden and silver-aged mysteries. Fourteen more intriguing, but unfortunately forgotten, tales from famous (Arthur Conan Doyle) andContinue Reading

Fell Murder

Prodigal son and heir Richard returns to his hometown in rural 1944 England in the Fell Murder. Richard’s argumentative father Robert had forced him from the family land when he married a local farmer’s daughter. Richard wants to tramp across the land of his childhood but has no intention ofContinue Reading

Dread Journey

It’s about time that the British Library Crime Classics had a challenger from across the pond. American Mystery Classics is republishing Dread Journey from 1945. It is an excellent example of an American golden-age mystery. It begins with a murder on a luxurious train speeding across the US with aContinue Reading

Murder of my Aunt

In an unpronouncable town living with a devilishly clever aunt, Edward Powell is convinced his life would improve immeasurably after the “Murder of my Aunt”. Edward decides to play a battle of wits to the death with his Aunt Mildred. However, Edward is playing with only half a deck, ifContinue Reading