Truly like Lightning

Truly Like Lightning is an engrossing tale of an unconventional family of polygamists who are forced to deal with modern society by a predatory real estate developer. There is so much description, character development, and hidden meaning here that I feel I may need a college literature class to decipherContinue Reading

Blink of an Eye

A young pop star is kidnapped in the middle of her concert in the latest fast-paced Kendra Michaels thriller, Blink of an Eye. The star, Delilah, has a rabid fan base. Did one of them take their stalking up a notch? Or are the kidnappers hoping to make a majorContinue Reading


Russell Shorto, the author, is not to be confused with his grandfather, Russell Shorto, the Smalltime Mafioso who was the No. 2 man in the small steel mill town of Johnstown between 1946 through 1960. This is the elder Shorto’s story. But more interesting, it is also the story ofContinue Reading

Guilt at the Garage

Guilt at the Garage is not going to win an Edgar but it is an enjoyable book to read on a cold Winter afternoon. Old friends Carole and Jude decide to walk home from their favorite pub leaving Carole’s car parked in town. When Carole returns the next morning, sheContinue Reading