Under Pressure

When an aerosol bomb explodes at the Guggenheim Museum in New York City, the police don’t know which of the 702 victims was the real target. Or was the target the company hosting the celebration of their IPO the following morning? When the FBI is Under Pressure, they turn toContinue Reading

World's Greatest Cities

With an in-depth look at thirty cities worldwide, the World’s Greatest Cities is the perfect coffee table or waiting room read. From New York City to Istanbul, many of civilization’s best cities are highlighted. Each city’s section contains a two-page iconic full-color photograph title page. In the following two pages,Continue Reading

World's Greatest Wonders

With eighteen man-made and twelve natural wonders, this coffee table book really does include the World’s Greatest Wonders. From the familar like the Taj Mahal to the more obscure like Petra, many of the World’s Greatest Wonders are shown and described here. There a few glaring omissions like there areContinue Reading

Death at High Tide Review and Giveaway

My Review Death at High Tide is a first-rate combination of the credible characters of a cozy mystery and the joy of solving a difficult crime. Evie’s husband, Robert has died from a heart attack. Her sister, the flamboyant film producer, Margot, arrives from California to provide moral support duringContinue Reading

Lies Lies Lies

Distasteful characters are full of Lies Lies Lies in this new domestic suspense tale. Daisy and Simon should be happy. They’ve been married since their youth. After some fertility issues, they were blessed with the perfect daughter, six-year-old Millie. Sure, Simon likes a drink, or ten, in the evening. AndContinue Reading

The First to Lie

The question is not who will be The First to Lie. Rather, it is who is telling the truth in this twisty new thriller. Ellie is a television reporter investigating big pharma, specifically Pharminex. Pharminex is marketing a new fertility drug. Is it effective? Is it safe? Nora is aContinue Reading

The Hollow Ones

The Hollow Ones is an uncomfortable mashup of many, better, thrillers. Admittedly, I may have expected too much from the director of so many of my favorite films. New FBI Agent Odessa volunteers for desk duty after shooting her own partner in a justifiable homicide. In the course of herContinue Reading

The Night Swim

In The Night Swim, Rachel is the host of a popular true crime podcast, Guilty or Not Guilty. Trying to up her game even further, she is covering a trial live for season 3. But when she finds a fan’s note on her windshield begging for help, she also digsContinue Reading

The End of Her

Erica gets around. She bullied the people adopting her newborn baby into handing over an extra $100,000. She is having an affair with Niall, a married man, with the intent to blackmail him later. And now she is blackmailing Patrick to not tell his wife, or the authorities, about theContinue Reading

He Started It

He Started It is another completely original sociopathic family thriller from the author of the serial killer couple thriller, My Lovely Wife. Road trip! Siblings Eddie, Beth, and Portia are recreating a road trip they had with their grandfather twenty years earlier as children. This time, their dead grandfather’s remainsContinue Reading