The Opium Prince

In 1970s Afghanistan, Daniel is working for the Americans to replace the opium-producing poppy fields with food crops. After killing an Afghan girl with his car, he is only fined by the local government. However, The Opium Prince, Taj, begins blackmailing him. Soon, it becomes unclear who is the trueContinue Reading

You Couldn't make it up

From questioning a band’s name (based on the age of its members that includes Phil Collins, shouldn’t Genesis be renamed Exodus?) to negotiating with the Grim Reaper for an extra year (because “2020 will be a write-off”), there is something in You Couldn’t Make It Up…! for every taste. HereContinue Reading

You're on Mute

You’re on Mute is probably the funniest book ever written about the bane of 2020, Zoom. It includes sections on work meetings, family gatherings, dating and job interviews. The book doesn’t tell you which button to push to unmute yourself. Instead, it focuses on the etiquette of video meetings. JeffreyContinue Reading

Immune System Hacks

With 187 Immune System Hacks, it is like reading brief summaries of more than a season of the Dr. Oz show! While some of the hacks are well known, many were new to me. Mushrooms have vitamin D? Who knew? I’ve also never heard of Ashwagandha or Propolis before. I’mContinue Reading

Blood Cruise

Marianne is spicing up her retirement by taking a 24-hour booze cruise from Sweden to Finland and back alone. She is quickly picked up by fellow passenger, Goran, in the waiting lounge. YOLO, lol! Too bad she didn’t notice the book’s title is Blood Cruise. That does sound a bitContinue Reading

Red Hands

If you loved Stranger Things and/or tales of government gone horribly, horribly wrong, you will enjoy Red Hands. An out-of-control BMW breaks up a Fourth of July parade in small town New Hampshire. The driver departs the crashed vehicle. Whoever he touches dies. All except Maeve who finally stops himContinue Reading

The Secret on Rum Runner's Lane

My Review Cassie and Lacy are orphaned sisters who have a special talent. They are bibliomancers, able to tell the future through books. They are also the owners of Books by Bequest, a bookstore within their lighthouse home on the Oregon coast. One day, nineteen-year-old Cassie has had enough. SheContinue Reading

Cold Wind

“We’ve got two muddy, silent mystery girls and a dead body. It all makes for some real concern.”—said by the laconic Police Chief Gril of remote Benedict, Alaska in Cold Wind. It isn’t as if Beth doesn’t have enough going on already. Chased by her memories of an earlier kidnapping,Continue Reading

A Deadly Edition Review and Giveaway

My Review Library Manager Amy and dancer Richard are getting married! However, a pre-wedding reception at art gallery owner Kurt’s house is tragically interrupted when Kurt’s rival art collector, Oscar, is found murdered in the yard. Intrepid amateur detectives Amy and her best friend and library employee Sunny, of course,Continue Reading