Building a Second Brain

What used to take an hour of research in a library can now be found in a few minutes with Google. But can our poor brain retain all that information? Can it combine it effectively to create something new? Maybe…but it is more efficient to offload some of that informationContinue Reading

Investing QuickStart Guide

The Investing Quickstart Guide is the perfect tool for beginner investors. The book discusses various asset classes, investment strategies and how to begin your investing journey. It contains the same information typically taught in an undergraduate upper division finance class without all the math and graphs. The prose style hasContinue Reading

Spare Parts

Spare Parts tells the true, and frequently bloody, story of how mankind began transplanting skin, blood, teeth and organs from person to person. It began with noses. Noses were lost frequently in the past due to duels, war injuries, criminal punishments, and venereal disease. Using tree grafting as a model,Continue Reading


600,000 people get released from jails and prisons each year. What happens to these people? While 68% return to incarceration within three years, what obstacles did the remaining 32% successfully hurdle to achieve real freedom? Free uses the stories of six former prisoners to show the challenges that reentry toContinue Reading

Plant Power

Plant Power states that it is not a diet book. It is a lifestyle change book. However, it does include the typical diet books’ four-week eating plan, recipes and food limits. But no photographs or nutritional information is included. Eating more plants and less meat is a laudable goal bothContinue Reading


Is Pinball gambling? New York City thought so from 1942-1976. But in 1976, it was once again legalized and came back with a vengeance both there and across the US. If you remember playing Pinball fondly, this graphic biography is a compelling read. From the game’s history to each innovationContinue Reading

Life's Messy, Live Happy

The author of Life’s Messy Live Happy uses her own life experiences to show how reframing our self-talk will make us healthier and happier. The book reads more like a memoir with some common pop psychology thrown in than a true step-by-step self-help guide. The author has gone through someContinue Reading

Pandora's Toolbox

Now, in addition to rampant inflation, a never-ending pandemic, and an imminent world war, climate change is unleashing its fury on the world. Can anything be done to stop it? If so, will the world’s governments cooperate long enough to affect change? Two possible answers fill Pandora’s Toolbox: carbon dioxideContinue Reading

Truly, Madly

I love Vivian Leigh, the actress. But now, after reading Truly, Madly, I admire her courage in going all out for her dreams despite serious mental health issues. Vivian and Laurence Olivier had a real love story—not just a Hollywood romance. And, unfortunately, not all real-life stories have a happyContinue Reading