Muddled Through

Muddled Through is the tenth book in the Maine Clambake cozy mystery series. The small coastal Maine town of Busman’s Holiday is discussing closing four blocks of main street to cars on the weekend during the summer months. Phinney is vehemently opposed to the idea. When he is found deadContinue Reading

The Lies I Tell

After her mother is conned out of their beautiful estate, Meg becomes a con artist herself. Her latest mark is the very person who stole her family’s house. She is being tracked by disgraced reporter, Kat, in The Lies I Tell. This book is a fun cat and mouse tale!Continue Reading

Can't Look Away

In Can’t Look Away, Molly is at certain stage in her life when regrets begin to fester. Should she have stayed with her rock star boyfriend ten years ago? Should she have started her family with her husband Hunter earlier to avoid the fertility issues that she is having withContinue Reading

The Sanctuary

In The Sanctuary, four pregnant women go to a secluded yoga spa owned by Selina. All of them including Selina have secrets and hidden agendas. When someone dies, their secrets begin to seep out into the open. Yawn. This book has almost the exact same plot as Nine Perfect StrangersContinue Reading

The Favor

What if you took the plot of Strangers on a Train but removed the train and added spousal abuse and copious alcohol? You would have The Favor. While the plot is familiar, it moves at a good pace. I read it in one sitting. I was expecting a bit moreContinue Reading

The Game

Five strangers with nothing in common find themselves in absolute terror. All have had a child, fiancée, or best friend go missing. A text tells them there is only one way to save their loved one. They must play—and win—The Game… This book is such an adrenaline-filled rush that IContinue Reading