Guilt at the Garage

Guilt at the Garage is not going to win an Edgar but it is an enjoyable book to read on a cold Winter afternoon. Old friends Carole and Jude decide to walk home from their favorite pub leaving Carole’s car parked in town. When Carole returns the next morning, sheContinue Reading

The Paradise Affair

The Paradise Affair is filled with lush descriptions of Hawaii in 1898. In fact, it feels like you are reading a travel memoir from an earlier slower-paced era. There are also two mysteries to solve for the husband and wife private detective duo, Sabina and Tom Quincannon. Overall, I liked,Continue Reading

Fish Out of Water Character Interview, Review and Giveaway

Character Interview Interview with Fish Out of Water’s Deputy Sheriff Trent Walker How long have you been a Deputy Sheriff? I became a sheriff right after I graduated from Arkansas State University. So I reckon it’s been nearly six years now. Time sure flies, don’t it? What do you think ofContinue Reading

One Poison Pie

Famous penultimate words, “They can’t charge me for something I didn’t do.” Famous last words, “Your police force is a joke. They think I murdered Adele.” —from One Poison Pie Mia is starting a food business providing catering, a meal delivery service, and a chef training program. Her first jobContinue Reading

Murder Can Haunt Your Handiwork Spotlight and Giveaway

About Murder Can Haunt Your Handiwork Murder Can Haunt Your Handiwork (A Haunted Craft Fair Mystery) Cozy Mystery 3rd in Series Publisher: Kensington (December 29, 2020) Mass Market Paperback: 256 pages ISBN-10: 1496721659 ISBN-13: 978-1496721655 Digital ASIN: B086R8YGLD A Gilded Age ghost helps psychic painter Celeste Cabot catch a killerContinue Reading

Deep Into the Dark

“Predators, prey, parasites – that was Los Angeles in three words, and more often than not, it was hard to make a distinction between them.”—from Deep into the Dark Sam is a wounded soldier back from Afghanistan fighting intense PTSD nightmares. Despite having an engineering degree, Sam works at theContinue Reading

A Curious Incident

It all started with a missing cat. Eleven-year-old Lauren asks Gemma to help her find Snowball, which Gemma promptly does. A few days later, Lauren is back asking Gemma to clear her mom, Sheila, of murder charges. The victim, Anna, was suspected of having an affair with Lauren’s dad, David.Continue Reading