Unfollow Me

“Without an audience, without an audience like me watching, then what are you?” Soon Violet will be wishing for single mother and obsessed fan Lily and mum wannabe Yvonne to “Unfollow Me”. When Violet, a successful mommy vlogger suddenly stops vlogging, her fans imagine all kinds of catastrophes. But theContinue Reading

A Reasonable Doubt

Unfortunately, the plot blurb is the best part of A Reasonable Doubt. I love the plot. A magician, formerly charged and released on murder charges, disappears while performing his latest trick. However, the book itself felt disjointed and disorganized. Timelines are juggled as both the magician and his former attorney’sContinue Reading

Precious You

Precious You starts out with a bang as a Gen X’er tries to run over the Millennial upstart who has ruined her life. Katherine is a Gen X editor at a management magazine when a young female named Lily asks for a ride in her cab to work. By anContinue Reading

Death on the Page

It’s the end of the tourist season in Death on the Page. Shelby and her Aunt Trudy own two bookstores in upstate New York. One of the bookstores is located in historic Blye Castle. The Castle doesn’t usually allow overnight guests but made an exception for famous author, Savannah Page,Continue Reading

Please See Us

Told from multiple points-of-view (including the victims after their death), Please See Us tells a tale of a desolate and dissolute Atlantic City and the people who are trying to survive there. Clara is a boardwalk psychic working with her absent mother’s best friend Des on scamming the tourists fiveContinue Reading

The June Boys

“The FBI found a body in Baxter, Tennessee, this morning. Juvenile. Male. Dumped on the side of the highway and phoned in by a motorist who had to pee and couldn’t wait.” Could it be the first death among The June Boys? Could it also be narrator Thea’s cousin Aulus?Continue Reading

Woman on the Edge

“‘I know what you want. Don’t let anyone hurt her. Love her for me, Morgan.’ She launches her baby toward me; my hands catch the infant by instinct. When I look back up at her mother a second later, the train is shrieking into the station. And that’s when sheContinue Reading

Follow Me

Someone is stalking Audrey. Audrey doesn’t care as long as her million followers continue to “Follow Me”. Audrey, you see, is that annoying “Insta influencer” that all your friends are talking about. Cat is her sole IRL friend from her college sorority. A successful attorney now, Cat is an introvertContinue Reading