Remain Silent

White supremacists live everywhere—not just the US—as an immigrant exploitation ring is embroiled in a murder case in northeast England. How can Officer Manon Bradshaw deal with all that while also fighting the middle-age doldrums? Remain Silent tells the story of Lithuanian refugees that are used as cheap labor inContinue Reading

All of Us

All of Us combines the complex plot of Split and Sybil with a standard thriller. Did one of Carolyn’s personalities kill her sexual predator father? Or is her therapist manipulating her memories to get her to confess even though she is innocent? If so, why? Carolyn was sexually abused asContinue Reading

Kill the King

Kill the King is the last book in the Columba Caselli trilogy. Columba is convinced that her partner, Dante, is not dead. During an explosion in the previous book, Dante disappeared. He hasn’t been seen in fifteen months. She is on leave from work awaiting his return. In another narrativeContinue Reading

The New Girl

Maggie is The New Girl at Haute, a London fashion magazine. She is doing a “maternity cover” (filling in for the fashion editor during her maternity leave). Her friend, Margot, is the very pregnant permanent fashion editor, who suggested Maggie apply. Margot believed, “Maggie would be so indebted to meContinue Reading