Hound GN

Hound GN is a classically illustrated graphic novel about war and what it does to its combatants. Private Barrow is a tosher, who hunts for sellable goods within the London sewers. He is the newest recruit in The Hounds, a special unit in the British army during World War I.Continue Reading

A Sensory History of Ancient Warefare

You’ve read the histories (or watched the BBC shows) about ancient battles. But how did the people on the ground feel? Were they jostling shoulder-to-shoulder in a phalanx? What were the smells, sounds, and sights during the throes of battle? A Sensory History of Ancient Warfare answers those questions. ThoughContinue Reading

Canada Under Attack cover pic

Little known history of America attacking Canada! Canada Under Attack is an interesting story of Irish-American Civil War veterans, the Fenians, who decided to invade Canada to force England to free Ireland. I wonder how many pints it took to dream up that scheme (don’t hate on me–I’m also Irish-AmericanContinue Reading