Plague Court Murders

Plague Court Murders

I have been reading a lot of mysteries lately where the characters and even the setting were prioritized above the mystery itself. Having read other locked room mysteries by this author, I was looking forward to the challenge. And the Plague Court Murders did not disappoint!

“Cats with their throats cut. Bells with wire attached to them. Thirty-odd pounds of stone flower-box chucked at you by someone who isn’t there.”

The mystery was a great challenge but all the clues were there for an observant reader. The creepy atmosphere with its underlying ghosts killed by the black death subplot certainly fits in with our current national mood. The Plague Court Murders is a great choice for armchair detectives. 4 stars!

Thanks to American Mystery Classics, Penzler Publishers and NetGalley for a copy in exchange for my honest review.

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