Fell Murder

Fell Murder

Prodigal son and heir Richard returns to his hometown in rural 1944 England in the Fell Murder.

Richard’s argumentative father Robert had forced him from the family land when he married a local farmer’s daughter. Richard wants to tramp across the land of his childhood but has no intention of speaking to his family ever again. But when his old, but still cantankerous, father is found dead, he is the number one suspect.

Bucolic rural England is the best part of this slow-moving whodunit. You can almost smell the wet earth and cow dung while you are reading the Fell Murder. Robert has enemies everywhere—both within and outside his family—making the mystery a challenge to solve for armchair detectives. The slow pace, while increasing the atmosphere, made this book only a so-so read for me. 3 stars.

Thanks to Poisoned Pen Press and NetGalley for a copy in exchange for my honest review.

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