Murder Pit

The Murder Pit is a witty take on Victorian London with frequent humorous potshots at the Holmes canon that also contains an intriguing mystery. If you ever wanted more humor in, say, the Hounds of the Baskervilles, this book is for you! Arrowood is a consulting detective for the poorerContinue Reading

Wedding Guest

In the Wedding Guest, Alex Delaware and Milo are back in the 34th police procedural in their series. A scantily clad woman is found garroted and posed on a toilet during a wedding reception. The venue is a seedy former strip club, which fits in with the reception’s theme ofContinue Reading

Lost Man

The Lost Man is the new excellent standalone thriller by superstar author Jane Harper. Nathan and Bub find their middle brother, Cameron, dead of dehydration in the middle of the Australian desert. What is puzzling is that Cameron walked away from a perfectly running car filled with food, water andContinue Reading

Alumni Association

Alumni Association is a short novel that is more legal than thriller. A closed military school is scheduled for demolition but the school’s alumni association is trying to register it as a protected historical building. However, the real reason for saving it is for the multiple uses of the tunnelsContinue Reading

Such Good Work

Such Good Work is the inspiring tale of addiction and recovery based on a true story. Jonas works as an adjunct creative writing teacher in the US. When he isn’t being fired. And if he isn’t high on oxy or another opiate. When Jonas hits rock bottom, he makes theContinue Reading

Watcher in the Woods

A small hidden Canadian town is thrown into turmoil by a Watcher in the Woods. Rockton is a small village of 200 concealed in the Yukon wilderness. Originally a refuge for 1960s activists, it now hides people fearing for their life. Dalton was born in the Yukon and is nowContinue Reading


A Stalker is loose in Stockholm and Detective Joona Linna is hunting him before he can kill again. A serial killer is sending YouTube links to the Swedish National Crime Unit showing peeping Tom video of women right before they are murdered. What connects the videos or woman? Who couldContinue Reading

Forget You Know Me

After what appears to be an emergency occurs, why would a friend ask another to Forget You Know Me? Liza and Molly are best friends since childhood. But when Liza moves to Chicago and Molly marries and has two children, they slowly drift apart. They finally get together through FacetimeContinue Reading