“These are the Tidelands: half tide, half land, good for nothing.” On Sealsea Island, England, in 1648, Alinor is only twenty-seven. Her husband has either run off with their small fishing boat—or died at sea. She has two children: thirteen-year-old Alys and twelve-year-old Rob. Alinor also has the “sight” likeContinue Reading

Always Greener

It’s 2072 and most people have Augmented Reality lenses in their eyes allowing them to watch televised shows in their head. One network gets the brilliant idea of making a reality show where the winner is decided by a public vote. What is the criteria to be a contestant? JustContinue Reading

Selling Naked

So you want to start a new business. Now what? If you want to sell directly to consumers with Facebook and Instagram ads driving customers to your website, read Selling Naked. It will prevent you from making mistakes made by failed businesses. It will also motivate you by including shortContinue Reading

The Other Mrs.

In The Other Mrs., Sadie has several problems. She left her dream job in a Chicago ER for a family practice on a rural island in Maine. Her husband’s sister died—perhaps by her own hand— leaving him a house, bank account, and her strange goth daughter Imogene to care for.Continue Reading

The Universe is Calling You

“I use the term Essence to describe the fundamental, living, intelligent, loving energy that makes up the entire universe and everything beyond it. Essence is like the air you breathe—always present, rarely noticed, but essential for life.”—from The Universe is Calling You. I believe in both reincarnation and karma soContinue Reading

Aosawa Murders

Filled with the Rashomon Effect of a multitude of possibly unreliable witnesses, The Aosawa Murders is the first English translation of an award-winning 2005 Japanese mystery. “If there are ten people in a house and nine die, who is the culprit? It’s not a whodunnit. The answer’s easy—it’s the survivor,Continue Reading