Always Greener

Always Greener

It’s 2072 and most people have Augmented Reality lenses in their eyes allowing them to watch televised shows in their head. One network gets the brilliant idea of making a reality show where the winner is decided by a public vote. What is the criteria to be a contestant? Just have the worst life! The eight contestants selected clean up germs, make smart technology dumb, work as the last non-robotic porn actor, clean up after suicides, work in governmental collections, fix broken AR systems, are the last political science professor, and get paid to do clinical trials. The host is an alcoholic former weatherman and the narrator of this tale. The prize is a trip to Paradise Mars, where the Earth is called “Old Smoggy”. The thought is that it will make the viewers feel better after seeing these losers’ lives literally through their eyes with a new camera lens implant. After all, the grass is Always Greener on the other side.

I love the original plot of this book. However, the execution, especially in the first half of the book, is poor. The author’s almost continual use of footnotes about the etymology of words is literally the most annoying part of this book. I would recommend ignoring all of those but unfortunately, sometimes they are defining completely new words. I also felt that the world of 2072 wasn’t described well at all. Occasionally, something new would be explained but it was rare. I did enjoy the ending and though it was the best part of Always Greener. However, I don’t think I would have kept reading past the first 20% if I wasn’t obligated to read it for NetGalley. Therefore, I can’t recommend this book. 2 stars.

Thanks to Uproar Books and NetGalley for a copy in exchange for my honest review.

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