We Robot

We Robot: “The day is coming when they will rival and surpass us in all sorts of fields.” First seen in 1495 in Da Vinci’s sketches of a mechanical knight, robots are increasingly everywhere. From over 400,000 industrial robots made by one manufacturer to the future of skyscraper window cleaning.Continue Reading

Coming Revolution

Capitalism is dying. What will replace it in the Coming Revolution? Without growth, capitalism will collapse. Automation and globalized production are radically reducing the need for labor. Massive debt loads are mortgaging the future for current needs. Natural disasters and wars are the only way to bring back prosperity, thoughContinue Reading

Blue Murder

Flaxborough is crying Blue Murder in the 10th mystery in the excellent British small town police procedural. A writer for a London tabloid is sent to find a porno supposedly filmed with the town’s citizens. Mayor Hockley challenges the writer to a duel. Several mysterious deaths are investigated by theContinue Reading

Bodies in a Bookshop

In 1946 London, the Bodies in a Bookshop pile up while a would-be Sherlock Holmes tries to find the killer. Allan Leslie is a bookseller. When he is found murdered in a locked room with another victim, thriller reader and amateur detective Professor Stubbs and his assistant Max Boyle areContinue Reading

Top Hoodlum

Immerse yourself in the world of New York mafia kingpin, Frank Costello, labeled a Top Hoodlum by FBI director, J. Edgar Hoover. Prohibition was a marvelous time for organized crime in 1920s New York City. Bringing in liquor from Canada, Frank and all his cronies became millionaires supplying the addictionsContinue Reading

liar liar

Liar Liar is an engrossing study of a woman willing to do anything, regardless of the impact on her family, to achieve her dreams. Didi Storm wants riches and fame. When her acting career is derailed with a teen pregnancy, she becomes a celebrity impersonator in Vegas. Realizing she’ll neverContinue Reading

Babyteeth Vol 2

Babyteeth Vol 2 begins with a nice summary of Vol 1. While that is nice for readers beginning here, it spoils the surprises in Vol 1 so I would recommend reading them in order. Also, if you want to read Vol 1 first, please don’t read the rest of thisContinue Reading

Buzz Books 2018: Fall/Winter

Buzz Books 2018: Fall/Winter is a great resource for reviewers and readers looking for their next great read! Containing Publishers Lunch’s guesses for the most popular books in the coming months, this book is an invaluable asset for bloggers, reviewers, booksellers and librarians. This is my first look at aContinue Reading

Justice Howard's Voodoo

Intriguing photographs showcase Justice Howard’s Voodoo traditions. A beginner’s guide to voodoo that includes the reason behind many of the rituals. It also compares and contrasts voodoo to other religions and myths. Be aware that the photos contain full frontal female nudity, preserved human hand and real human bones asContinue Reading

Meditation on Murder

Who doesn’t love a locked room mystery? Only six people were in the locked meditation room: Aslan, owner of The Plantation Spa and murder victim Julia, part-time secretary and confessed killer Saskia, vacationing secretary Paul, vacationing pharmacist Ann, Paul’s wife Ben, rich vacationer Detective Inspector Poole investigates but doubts Julia’sContinue Reading

Find You in the Dark

Find You in the Dark is a great concept bogged down with poor plotting and characterization. Martin Reese has a secret. He likes to determine where serial killers bury their victims, dig them up, photograph them, rebury the bodies and then leave anonymous snarky messages for the police telling theContinue Reading

Modern Pressure Canning

Comprehensive guide to Modern Pressure Canning with mouthwatering deliciously photographed recipes. This cookbook includes an explanation of how pressure canning works, the necessary tools and step-by-step instructions within each recipe. The recipes begin with basic vegetables like carrots, green beans and corn. Next, the author moves onto more advanced vegetablesContinue Reading

Bring Me Back

Bring Me Back is a good twisty thriller! Twelve years ago, Finn stops in a French picnic area to use the rest room. His girlfriend, Layla, stays in the car. When Finn returns Layla is gone. Fast forward to the present and Finn is engaged to Ellen, Layla’s sister. WhenContinue Reading

Jar of Hearts' Author Video

I reviewed Jar of Hearts by Jennifer Hillier last week.  Today I have a video of the author talking about the book. I totally agree with her assessment of a 16-year-old girl’s feelings. It is a confusing time. More important, I’m envious of the author’s bookshelves that are not wall toContinue Reading


Meh…Providence is not a place I enjoyed visiting. While a junior in high school in Providence Rhode Island, Jon is kidnapped. His best friend and possible love of his life, Chloe, is heartbroken. However, she and his parents eventually assume he is dead and move on with their lives. FourContinue Reading