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Hog Wild
by diane92345

Well-researched story of the fight for union representation in Smithfield’s North Carolina hog slaughterhouse. All the players in the union

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The Fallen
by diane92345

Another great police procedural, #4 in the Memory Man series. Amos and his partner, Alex, are on vacation when Amos

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Chickens in Your Backyard
by diane92345

Chickens in Your Backyard is all anyone needs to know to raise chickens! Chickens in Your Backyard is newly revised

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Archie Coe Vol 1
by diane92345

Archie Coe, hypnotist, cat whisperer and sucker to every dame he meets. The art and dialogue both up the 1940s

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Charmed Bones
by diane92345

Southern paranormal cozy mystery with ghosts, witches and a murder or two. Hope, Faith and Charity plan to open a

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All the Answers
by diane92345

Families are messed up. Even, maybe especially, famous ones. The author of All the Answers is Michael Kupperman. He is

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Favorite Sister
by diane92345

Great finish almost makes it worth reading the rest of The Favorite Sister. Brett, Stephanie and Jen are the sole

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Flaxborough Crab
by diane92345

“Something or other is sending half the over-sixties round the twist” in the Flaxborough Crab. A rash of panty theft,

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Manga Classics Romeo and Juliet
by diane92345

“For never was a story of more woe than this of Juliet and her Romeo.” Shakespeare’s words are the best

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by diane92345

Ho hum space POW camp story. With this author’s background, it is surprising that Stalag-X contains nothing innovative or even

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Crooked Staircase
by diane92345

Cabals be caballing. In The Crooked Staircase, Jane Hawk is hunting more of the cabal that used brain nanobots to

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by diane92345

Page-turner is so overused that it has become trite.  Here is how I felt about Obscura by Joe Hart. I…COULDN’T…PUT…IT…DOWN! 

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High Tide Club
by diane92345

Romance, history, southern charm, friendships, family and secrets swirl in the High Tide Club. At 99, Josephine is dying on

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by diane92345

Lisa is a new detective in Sweden. Up first is locating a missing person, who is deep in the raggare

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Bats in the Belfry
by diane92345

Characterization is sacrificed for plot in Bats in the Belfry. There are a multitude of characters in Bats in the

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The Ghost the Owl
by diane92345

Despite being depressingly far from the suggested age for The Ghost the Owl, I loved this middle grade (ages 9-12)

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