Evelyn and the Kung Fu Headmaster

Evelyn and the Kung Fu Headmaster

In Evelyn and the Kung Fu Headmaster, it’s 2130. The Internet of Things has expanded exponentially. Even the couch cushions massage, heat and emit perfume. Everything from cars to helicopters are self-driving.

But there’s a problem. Recently, self-driving vehicles have been crashing, killing everyone on board. A virus named Victor is wreaking havoc. What is Victor’s goal? Is machine intelligence finally taking over the Earth from humans?

The mega-rich owner of a technology company, Ronald, decides to fight fire with fire. He builds Evelyn. Evelyn is an android who thinks like a human. And, with those human thoughts, she, like anyone, has self-determination.

As soon as Evelyn gets a chance she runs away from Ronald’s boring plan for her life and right into the charismatic Kung Fu Master, Guillermo. Evelyn still wants to vanquish Victor—but in her own way.

Evelyn and the Kung Fu Headmaster is a rousing and empowering story. It’s perfect for young teens and pre-teens who, just like Evelyn, are trying to find their place in the world. I do hope young readers do not emulate Evelyn’s lack of stranger danger warning bells though. They were clanging in my head based on some of Evelyn’s decisions. Still it’s a fun read! 4 stars!

Thanks to author for a copy in exchange for my honest review.

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