The Seven-Step Homestead

The Seven-Step Homestead contains seven annual steps to making yourself and your family less dependent on expensive grocery stories by growing, and later raising, your own food. We are not talking about a full-blown farm with pigs and cows. However eventually, if you follow the plan, you will have fun,Continue Reading

Veg Out

Veg Out is the perfect gardening book for newbies who want an edible garden (or a patio pot or two) but have never read another gardening book. It is clearly laid out with plenty of photos. The steps to proceed are easy to follow. There is an extensive section withContinue Reading

Freeze Fresh

If you have a garden and want an alternative to canning, you need Freeze Fresh. It clearly and concisely explains how to freeze your abundant harvests (or farmer’s market/supermarket sale finds). It covers 55 fruits, vegetables and herbs. It also includes recipes used before freezing and many more using theContinue Reading

Four-Season Food Gardening

You may think that gardening is a spring and summer activity. Four-season Food Gardening is out to prove you wrong. From planning your garden to specific tasks for each season, the book includes all you need to know to keep your fruit, vegetable and herb gardens going all year long.Continue Reading

Tiny Space Gardening

If you think your apartment is too small for an edible garden, think again. Tiny Space Gardening is achievable for all! The book covers all the usual beginning gardening topics such as watering, soil and light but focuses on container gardening. The scale of your garden is only limited byContinue Reading

Grow More Food

Grow More Food is written for serious gardeners. If you are an intermediate gardener and want to level up production, this book will help you do it. However, you should have at least two to three years of home gardening under your belt first. Alternatively, you can start here ifContinue Reading

Micro Food Gardening

Micro Food Gardening is a space-saving way to learn to garden and eat healthier! Plus, it is just fun to get your hands dirty once in a while. No matter the size of your home and yard, you can micro garden. The author cleverly repurposes items many people already haveContinue Reading

Gardening in Summer-dry Climates

From Vancouver to San Diego, gardeners along the Pacific Coast must select plants that work for Gardening in Summer-Dry Climates. This book can help with clear instructions and a huge (over 200 pages) compendium of suitable plants. Equally amazing is that each plant has at least one full-color photo. ForContinue Reading

Grow Your Own Herbs

For less than the price of one packet of fresh herbs or small jar of dried, you can have an entire year of them if you Grow Your Own Herbs. A one-stop shop for all aspects of growing, storing, and using herbs. The book includes basic gardening skills, preserving methods,Continue Reading

All New Square Foot Gardening

Whether you are looking to reduce your carbon footprint, eat more veggies or prepare for the zombie apocalypse, the All New Square Foot Gardening is the answer. All New Square Foot Gardening lists ten core principles of this innovative gardening method. Plant densely Grow up (not out) Use Mel’s MixContinue Reading