The Kaiju Preservation Society

Sometimes you just want to read some light science fiction. No deep science. No not-so-subtle morals for the real Earth’s ailments. Just adventure and the great unknown. The Kaiju Preservation Society delivers on that promise. Jamie has been demoted from management to a career as a food delivery driver. HeContinue Reading

Under Lock & Skeleton Key

Secret rooms, a dead body hidden behind wall, a family curse, and magicians? All this and more are included within Under Lock & Skeleton Key. Tempest is from a family of magicians. She had a successful act in Las Vegas until she is betrayed by her jealous assistant. Tempest hasContinue Reading

Secret Identity

Secret Identity is an exposé of comic publishing in the 1970s by someone that was there. But it also is a feminist statement and a full-blown female noir. I can’t imagine a better book for my tastes. It’s 1975. New York City is at its grimy and murderous best. CarmenContinue Reading

Four-Season Food Gardening

You may think that gardening is a spring and summer activity. Four-season Food Gardening is out to prove you wrong. From planning your garden to specific tasks for each season, the book includes all you need to know to keep your fruit, vegetable and herb gardens going all year long.Continue Reading

Black Mass Rising

Zmeu is a demon summoned from Hell by a child’s game. He quickly kills young Vadim and kidnaps another child. Luckily, the town has an albino religious healer who fights Zmeu and wins. The family prays to see Vadim again at his funeral. It’s a case of be careful whatContinue Reading

Tiny Space Gardening

If you think your apartment is too small for an edible garden, think again. Tiny Space Gardening is achievable for all! The book covers all the usual beginning gardening topics such as watering, soil and light but focuses on container gardening. The scale of your garden is only limited byContinue Reading