Vampire Weekend

Forget everything you think you know about vampires. They can’t fly and sucking blood is just too much work when blood donation centers do all the work for you. A typical Vampire Weekend might be cleaning your house and running errands. Of course, you are a night owl, but otherContinue Reading

Starter Vegetable Gardens

It’s hard to believe but it is already time to be thinking of starting your kitchen garden. What you say? You have never had a garden before but are intrigued by the ease and environmental pluses of having your own small household garden? Look no further than Starter Vegetable Gardens.Continue Reading

The Drift

Three groups of people are trapped on a stopped sky cable car, an overturned chartered bus, and at a rural resort working on a secret science project. While the snowstorm is not helping, the raging pandemic making huge swaths of the population both epically contagions and into modern zombies isContinue Reading