Under the Cover of Murder

Under the Cover of Murder

It’s time for a wedding! Serena and Zach are getting married but Zach’s new stepmother, Veronica, is the bridezilla. Where the couple just want a casual event, Veronica does not. She decides to hold the wedding on Zach’s father’s luxurious yacht in Under the Cover of Murder. But will the discovery of a body the day of the wedding and another one after it put a damper on the proceedings? Not if Serena’s best friend and amateur detective, Addie, can do anything to help!

“It seemed everyone on this yacht had a possible motive for murder, but none of the evidence pointed to only one of them.“

I had a couple of challenges with this book. First of all, there are tons of characters! I read the previous book in the series and I still had to keep notes on who so-and-so was just to keep up. Second, the wedding itself was described in excruciating detail. The first quarter of the book reads like women’s fiction rather than the setting of a mystery. However, once the second body is found, the mystery does come back as the focus. Overall, Under the Cover of Murder was not one of the best books in this series. 3 stars. My review of the better previous book is here.

Thanks to Kensington Books and NetGalley for a copy in exchange for my honest review.

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