Laugh-out-loud funny book! The book is the story of the author’s two dogs pictured as two middle age men. It doesn’t sound funny but it is totally hilarious!  I’m sure the people at work were wondering why I was first giggling and then laughing out loud at some of theContinue Reading

Good tearjerker story Good tearjerker to read on 9/11. However, some of the text seemed stretched out to make a book-length story from an excellent NY Times article, which I read after the book. Still a tragic story about how terrorism impacts more than just the immediate victims but alsoContinue Reading

Humorous Mystery with Believable Characters–Just a Great Book! I absolutely adored this book. The characters seem like old friends but their attitudes change over the course of the three books in this series–just like real people do. My favorite part of this book is that Alan is back! Is AlanContinue Reading

The series really picks up with this volume as it has much more plot development than the last book. Shira’s backstory is explored. Ganya remembers more of his past. I’m looking forward to the next book in the series.Continue Reading

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An Interesting Story with Pretty Artwork The plot of this manga is completely different from most manga. An innocent 14-year-old boy is wrongly found guilty of the mass murder of his friends and thrown into prison. The prison is also a amusement park, where the prisoner’s compete for cp toContinue Reading

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Literary Horror (but not simultaneously) This book was promoted as literary horror. I loved the literary first half of this book but was disappointed with the horror aspect of the remaining portion. It’s hard to say why without being a spoiler so I won’t. However, if I had known whatContinue Reading

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Great Pictures, Nice Poster and an Informative Read. I read this book to my kindergarten age niece. She enjoyed the pictures and the story but I think this book is meant more for older elementary age children. However, I really enjoyed it myself. Despite taking both Western Civilizations and ArtContinue Reading