Little Eve

Little Eve is both truly terrifying and totally believable as well as being creepy af. It’s the perfect way to get into the Halloween mood regardless of the month you are reading it. In these modern times, it is hard to believe in vampires or other traditional horror tropes. CatrionaContinue Reading

The Safe Place

Emily is an out-of-work actress when she gets fired from her temp office job. Her bank account is overdrawn. The rent is past due. Her family and friends are done with her constant begging for money and shelter. Where can she turn? How can she find The Safe Place, whereContinue Reading

Turn of the Key

Rowan finds her dream nanny job on a remote Scottish estate updated with all the modern smart home fixtures in the Turn of the Key. The book is a series of letters to Rowan’s prospective attorney while she is in jail awaiting her murder charge to be adjudicated. It explainsContinue Reading

A Dangerous Collaboration

A Dangerous Collaboration between Veronica and Stoker’s brother, the Viscount, result in a much more gothic entry in the series. Veronica Speedwell is not your typical Victorian woman. She doesn’t believe in marriage but does believe in male companionship. Veronica has a career as a lepidopterist, or butterfly researcher. SheContinue Reading

Devil Aspect

With insane killers imprisoned in a castle fortress rumored to house the Devil himself and a brutal serial killer terrorizing nearby Prague, the Devil Aspect has plenty of plot and a whole lot of creepy, gothic atmosphere. It is 1935 in a rural village outside Prague. A new psychotherapist arrivesContinue Reading

Au Pair

In Au Pair, twins Seraphine and Danny are born and the same day their mother throws herself off a cliff saying they took my baby. The twins have an older sibling, Danny, who was also a twin. His brother, Theo, fell off the cliff two years earlier. Year later, theirContinue Reading


Cuckoo is an atmospheric gothic mystery set in a rural English house, where even the heroine doubts her sanity. Is she hallucinating? Are ghosts present or is it her memories coming back of her horrible childhood? Caro is a starving artist in London when she is informed her stepmother hasContinue Reading

Go to My Grave

Accomplished dual mysteries wrapped in an artful gothic atmosphere. Go to My Grave tells the story of two parties that went horribly wrong. “They were terrified. Every last one of them.” Donna and her mother spent their last dime opening The Breakers, a bed and every meal (rather than justContinue Reading