Super Chill: A Year of Living Anxiously

Usually graphic memoirs are either funny or have good art but not both. Luckily, Super Chill: A Year of Living Anxiously has both laugh-out-loud (but embarrassingly familiar) slices of life and clearly beautiful artwork. What if your memory foam pillow starts whispering about the worst events of your life? YourContinue Reading

Hellicious TP Vol 1

Hell is for Children in Hellicious TP Vol 1. Cherry is seven and mischievous. Her grandfather is Satan, literally. Cherry lives in Hell with her mom, Sin, the chief torturer. And she is bored, really bored. She is also the #1 fan of the famous death metal rocker Briggy BonesContinue Reading

Beyond Weird

Quantum mechanics is Beyond Weird, which is why this book’s easy to understand explanations, with minimal math, is such a great read. The first mention of quantum occurred in 1900 during prosaic research on emitted heat. This accidental discovery was to change physics and also our understanding of the universe.Continue Reading

Go to My Grave

Accomplished dual mysteries wrapped in an artful gothic atmosphere. Go to My Grave tells the story of two parties that went horribly wrong. “They were terrified. Every last one of them.” Donna and her mother spent their last dime opening The Breakers, a bed and every meal (rather than justContinue Reading

Gideon Falls Vol 1

Ready for a paranormal thriller thick with an ominous atmosphere? Don’t miss Gideon Falls Vol 1. Father Fred is given a new flock and church in Gideon Falls. The prior priest, Father Tom, had died mysteriously. After dreaming of being visited by Father Tom, Father Fred chases him outside intoContinue Reading