Blacktop Wasteland

Beauregard, Bug for short, owns an auto repair shop in a small rural town. But what he loves is driving—driving fast. Street racing for money. Driving criminal gangs away from the scene of their crimes. Because the only fun in this Blacktop Wasteland is speed. Life has hit Bug hard.Continue Reading

The Only Good Indians

Four Native Americans kill an elk years in the past and live, and die, to regret it. After all, The Only Good Indians are vegan Indians. The first part of the book has the pacing and the plot of a thriller. However, the middle slows down substantially to a slow-burnContinue Reading

Death Rattle

In Death Rattle, Finn and Mona are a team in their marriage—but not at work. Finn is a border control agent patroling the Pacific Ocean off Orange County, California. Mona is an attorney at a non-profit that provides free legal services to illegal aliens caught crossing the Mexican border. However,Continue Reading

Survival Instincts

In an attempt to bridge the looming gap between her daughter, twelve-year-old Thea, and herself, Anne rents a remote cabin for a girl’s weekend in the woods. She also brings along her own mother, Mimi. Can their combined Survival Instincts save them from this horror movie opening scene? Thea’s goalContinue Reading

The Safe Place

Emily is an out-of-work actress when she gets fired from her temp office job. Her bank account is overdrawn. The rent is past due. Her family and friends are done with her constant begging for money and shelter. Where can she turn? How can she find The Safe Place, whereContinue Reading

Cut to the Bone

“A large axe was placed in the girl’s right hand. Along the white granite bench, the words ‘as above, so below’ were painted in blood. Nine baboon figurines encircled the girl like an audience observing her in death.”— from the great new police procedural thriller, Cut to the Bone. Nearby,Continue Reading

Road Seven Review and Giveaway

My Review of ROAD SEVEN by Keith Rosson “It was a help wanted ad from a monster hunter.” Who doesn’t sometimes dream of dropping their real life on its head and scooting off to parts unknown? Brian, the perpetual and soon-to-be ex-Ph.D. candidate who lives with vicious headaches and writer’sContinue Reading