Goldilocks and the Infinite Bears
August 12th, 2018 by diane92345

Goldilocks and the Infinite Bears contains humorous short comics about pop culture.

As fractured fairy tales did in the 1960s, this collection holds nothing sacred in its quest for laughter. In the time of online dating, how long would it take the frog prince to find someone to give him a kiss? Why is it a bad idea to be the angel of death’s biggest fan? Everyone knows the Romans had a god for everything. But a god of eye crust? Of atheism? What would happen if the hungry caterpillar was really famished?

This is a fun parody of fairy tales, religion, movies, plays, children’s stories and video games. It has some swear words making it unsuitable for children. Some of the references to religion might offend. However, the bottom line is it’s funny. Like haha—why didn’t I think of that—funny so 4 stars!

Thanks to Lion Forge and Edelweiss+ for an advanced copy.

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August 17th, 2017 by diane92345

Beautiful illustrations and a intriguing twist on Little Red Riding Hood makes The Little Red Wolf a witty choice for older children.

The Little Red Wolf is given a dead rabbit by his mother to take to his grandmother’s house. His mother warns him not to go near the evil humans, the hunter and his daughter.

The Little Red Wolf is in a children’s picture book format rather than being a true graphic novel. The illustrations are gorgeous. However, the story is more for older children or even adults. The book is more fun when the reader is already familiar with the original Little Red Riding Hood story. There are many twists to the original tale that are much more innovative than just flipping the wolf and the child’s roles.

I would recommend The Little Red Wolf to parents of children seven years old and up. I would highly recommend it to adults that like Fractured Fairytales from the Rocky & Bullwinkle show and the subsequent books.

Thanks to the publisher, Lion Forge, and netgalley for an advanced review copy of The Little Red Wolf in exchange for an honest review. This book will be published on October 3, 2017.

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