Turn of the Key

Turn of the Key

Rowan finds her dream nanny job on a remote Scottish estate updated with all the modern smart home fixtures in the Turn of the Key.

The book is a series of letters to Rowan’s prospective attorney while she is in jail awaiting her murder charge to be adjudicated. It explains her side of what happened at the estate.

I listened to this book on Audible. It was a fantastic and compelling listen. I live near Los Angeles. I face start and stop traffic driving to and from work but this book made the hours fly by. This book is a modern gothic tale where you want to scream at the heroine, “Don’t go into that room!” just like those old fashioned gothics like Rebecca and anything by Mary Stewart. The less you know of the plot, the better to appreciate the frequent twists and turns interspersed freely within Turn of the Key. I do have to commend the narrator, Imogen Church. Never once was I confused who was talking thanks to her work with varying the characters’ speech patterns and accents.

Overall, highly recommended to mystery, but not thriller, fans. If you like gothic-style mysteries, so much the better. 4.5 stars!

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