It’s a Numberful World

Its a Numberful World

YouTuber Eddie Woo tries, and succeeds, to make math interesting in It’s a Numberful World.

“If you go down deep enough into anything, you will find mathematics.”

Eddie proves his point by explaining why rainbows are round, blood vessels and lightning bolts look alike, and the zeros are in the middle of the Plinko board.

I’m pretty sure that It’s a Numberful World is for young folks. But I found the simple explanations of natural phenomena fascinating. Although I’ve taken college calculus, I learned a lot from the book. There are many things that most wouldn’t think of as math. The shape of a sunflower, Netflix’ movie suggestions, and the sound of a guitar come to mind.

If you want to revisit your childlike feelings of awe, just read about the golden triangle, pi, phi, and e. Even better, if you have a child having difficulties understanding why they should study math, this would be a perfect gift. 4.5 stars! Or should I say spheres (read the book to find out why)?

Thanks to The Experiment and NetGalley for a copy in exchange for my honest review.

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