Anonymous Girl

Anonymous Girl

Jessica is an Anonymous Girl in a New York City. She works hard as a freelance makeup artist, while waiting for her big break into Broadway plays. She has had a bad experience with her last off-off-Broadway theater makeup position but hopes to move past it soon.

Working as a freelance makeup artist doesn’t pay much over what the clients tip her as her agency takes most of the fee. Jessica is perennially broke. When Jessica hears a client talking about a psychological experiment that pays $500 for a two-hour session, she sneaks into the session using her client’s name. How hard could a series of questions on ethics be? However, the questions seem to get very specific and very personal quickly. As Jessica opens up more and more, the therapist behind the survey, Dr. Shields, offers Jessica additional money to participate in studies in the real world. Her first is to seduce a married man in a hotel bar. As Jessica is increasing sucked into Dr. Shields’ web, she struggles to free herself.

The first two thirds of an Anonymous Girl had me reading at a breakneck speed just to see what would happen to poor Jessica. Then the plot made a few turns that just didn’t seem believable. Plus there were absolutely no redeeming characteristics in some of the characters. Toward the end, I even stopped sympathizing for Jessica. This book is great until it isn’t. However, I still give it 3 stars. I just wish the ending was better.

Thanks to St. Martin’s Press for an advance copy in exchange for an honest review.

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