Ultimate Guide for the Avid Indoorsman

Ultimate Guide for the Avid Indoorsman

Doesn’t everyone want to be an Avid Indoorsman? Sitting on your couch watching Netflix or playing video games with no special wardrobe required. Sure beats sweating in out in a pickup basketball game in expensive gear. Or worse, hunting, fishing, or camping. If this appeals to you (or perhaps to you as a not-so-subtle gift for your spouse), then you need to buy the Ultimate Guide for the Avid Indoorsman.

Beginning with a 20-question test called the Indooreagram to determine how close you are to achieving Avid Indoorsman status, the book is genuinely hilarious. An example: If you were to encounter a bear, what would be your first inclination: A)Eat the bear alive; B)Run as fast as you can; C)Make yourself bigger to scare the bear away; D)Look for snacks to share with the bear to make friends with it; or E) Use the Scare Bears Away app on your iPhone. Another question’s best answer to what is your definition of exercise: E)Shopping for two hours on Amazon for a treadmill-no purchase required. Note I paraphased a bit. However, if you found those funny, then you will love the Ultimate Guide for the Avid Indoorsman. When I took the test, I had already achieved the Avid Indoorsman level even though I would never, ever go anywhere where bears live. I respect Yogi and BooBoo’s privacy.

The Ultimate Guide for the Avid Indoorsman is the perfect bathroom read. A little goes a long way so 5-10 minutes per day (and seriously if you spend more time in there, you should eat more fiber) is about right. 4 stars!

Thanks to Harvest House Publishers for an advance copy in exchange for an honest review.

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