She Lies in Wait

She Lies in Wait

A young girl’s body is found 30 years after her disappearance in She Lies in Wait.

Benners, Connor, Brett, JoJo, Coralie, Topaz and her younger sister Aurora go camping. One evening of drinking, drugs and sex later, Aurora is missing. Despite an intense searching effort, she remains an open cold case.

When Aurora’s body is found 30 years later buried on the very campsite where she disappeared, the police reopen the case. The friends all maintain that they saw nothing unusual the night Aurora disappeared but could they be covering for one another?

It is hard to imagine She Lies in Wait was written by a debut author. The rollercoaster plot had me guessing everyone but the victim was either the murderer or complicit in the crime. The police managing the case were equally clueless. Watching the police group wade through piles of data seemed much more realistic than in most police procedurals.

She Lies in Wait is an excellent British police procedural. It recommended to anyone who enjoys playing armchair detective. 4 stars!

Thanks to Random House for an advance copy in exchange for an honest review.

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