How to Get Rid of a President

“The Executive will be always increasing here, as elsewhere, till it ends in a monarchy.” –Benjamin Franklin. How to Get Rid of a President describes the true stories of how former Presidents were removed from office. Ben didn’t need to worry as there are many ways to remove an unpopularContinue Reading


Fans of the Limetown podcast rejoice! Many of your lingering questions are answered within these pages. Plus there are no spoilers for future podcasts. Lia wants to be a reporter. Her first investigation is of the missing residents of nearby Limetown. She discovers that her Uncle Emile is somehow involved,Continue Reading


Stream-of-consciousness on the topic of Insomnia. Most people, like me, occasionally have trouble sleeping. When lying awake in bed, strange and varied thoughts run willy-nilly through your brain. If those thoughts were put on paper, it would be this book. It contains science, art, philosophy and even mythology related toContinue Reading

It will be the best of times. It will be the worst of times. How will your life change when there is No One at the Wheel? “Most transportation experts say that by 2075 driven cars will be completely replaced…By 2035, we may find that the majority of driving milesContinue Reading

Death and Daisies

Death and Daisies is the perfect blend of mystery, romance and paranormal with believable characters you wish you could befriend in real life. Fiona has lived in Scotland for two months after inheriting her godfather’s house and magic garden. Why didn’t her godfather explain how to help people using theContinue Reading

Think Yourself Lucky

Think Yourself Lucky is not this famed author’s best work. Co-workers, Emily, Helen, Bill, Andrea and David work in a travel agency. David is a grouch who complains about everything—his job, his girlfriend and his life. Meanwhile, an unnamed narrator is committing horrendous murders. When David discovers a blog usingContinue Reading