Stream-of-consciousness on the topic of Insomnia. Most people, like me, occasionally have trouble sleeping. When lying awake in bed, strange and varied thoughts run willy-nilly through your brain. If those thoughts were put on paper, it would be this book. It contains science, art, philosophy and even mythology related toContinue Reading

Exit Strategy

After calling a clandestine number, Jordan uses the Exit Strategy to begin again. Soon Jordan regrets his “death” but is told if he contacts his wife, they will kill her. After undergoing facial reconstruction, Jordan is reborn. When he accidentally contacts his wife, he must fight to save his familyContinue Reading

Meditation on Murder

Who doesn’t love a locked room mystery? Only six people were in the locked meditation room: Aslan, owner of The Plantation Spa and murder victim Julia, part-time secretary and confessed killer Saskia, vacationing secretary Paul, vacationing pharmacist Ann, Paul’s wife Ben, rich vacationer Detective Inspector Poole investigates but doubts Julia’sContinue Reading

SHOCK Anthology

SHOCK Anthology is a collection of 21 completely different stories from Aftershock Comics. Fluctuating genres and art keep any one person from liking all the stories. However, there is something for everyone within:  horror, sci-fi, memoir, adventure and some with apparently no plot at all. The new Neil Gaiman isContinue Reading

People vs Alex Cross

#FrugalFridays short review for March 9, 2018. Alex is accused of shooting unarmed people and blondes are being abducted for a dark web snuff film. Interesting technology, dramatic courtroom scenes and great sound effects in the audiobook enliven the 25th entry in the series. The only Patterson series I stillContinue Reading