Everyone has at least one souvenir sitting on a shelf or hanging on a wall. Why do we buy them? What do they represent? How did the practice start? All these questions and more are answered in this cute little information-packed book. There are three types of souvenirs discussed inContinue Reading

World without Whom

Style guide for the social media generation and those that want to communicate with them. Based on the Buzzfeed Style Guide ( and written by the same author, A World Without Whom goes further by explaining the whys behind the rules. Emily also pokes fun at herself and fellow copyContinue Reading

No Future

Meticulously researched history of punk rock. If you ever wanted to know what punk rock stood for and emerged from, pick up this excellent book. No Future covers the punk scene in England and Ireland from 1976 to 1984. It uses material from the time as its source material thus avoidingContinue Reading

Prince and the Purple Rain Era Studio Sessions

Like Beetlejuice’s The Handbook for the Living and the Dead, “this thing reads like stereo instructions”. But if the stereo instructions show Prince behind the scenes, it is worth spending a bit of time reading inconsequential details.  Prince and the Purple Rain Era Sessions: 1983 and 1984 describes what PrinceContinue Reading

Stay Fit for Life

Stay Fit for Life provides quick workouts for older, rehabbing or sedentary adults with little additional equipment required. With 62 exercises, 20 workout routines, and three levels of fitness programs, Stay Fit for Life covers all aspects of older adult fitness. There are modifications for most to make them easierContinue Reading

The Vegan Cookbook

Pretty pictures but recipes are less than awe-inspiring. Readers have abundant choices for vegan cookbooks.  Most can be separated into quick and easy or complex and expensive.  The Vegan Cookbook falls into the second category.  It has mouthwatering pictures of the completed recipes. However, all the recipes include a multitudeContinue Reading

Literally Me

Interesting dip into the head of someone who isn’t me. Literally Me is a hodgepodge of cute illustrations and seemingly random life observations by a slightly famous Instagrammer. Four Horsewomen of the apocalypse is the best story as it has a plot with a surprisingly religious twist on fame. AnotherContinue Reading

Heartfelt graphic memoir shares interesting insights about the trauma of having a sick child. Spot 12 shares the author’s story of a child, Asa, who is born with trachea issues. It especially addresses the parents’ conflicting feelings when surgery may cause immediate pain to their child while only possibly providingContinue Reading

Telling Stories

Practical ideas for improving your writing. Telling Stories covers most areas of writing short fiction, novels and memoirs. It has sections on structure, characterization, detail, point of view, language and revision. It also has a short section on the writing life, which includes how to start writing and defeat writer’sContinue Reading

Uncle Johns Old Faithful Bathroom Reader

Not just for bathrooms anymore! I’ve read many previous Bathroom Readers in paperback format in, of course, the bathroom. This is my first Kindle version of the long-running series. It opens up the reading possibilities substantially. The varying lengths make this a good choice for grocery store checkout lines, doctor’sContinue Reading