Literally Me

Literally Me

Interesting dip into the head of someone who isn’t me.

Literally Me is a hodgepodge of cute illustrations and seemingly random life observations by a slightly famous Instagrammer. Four Horsewomen of the apocalypse is the best story as it has a plot with a surprisingly religious twist on fame. Another good story was about a ficus having an existential crisis. The worst was Assimilation Code. It was like reading the most boring Computer Science textbook and appeared to have absolutely no point. The author seemingly has an obsession with tube socks, which is unusual for a female but fully explained in Sock Juice. Sock Juice is a possibly true story of the author’s early relationship with her older sister.

Literally Me has such a variety of content that most readers, like me, will find stories to love, to like and to hate within it. The illustrations will appeal to all. However, it is hard to rate so 3 stars seems fair.

Thanks to the publisher, Touchstone, and netgalley for an advanced review copy.

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