The Book of Pslams

What if God was not the benevolent, and vengeful, God of the Bible? What if he had job burnout and a sarcastic sense of humor? You are about to find out in The Book of Pslams. God has already written down everything about how mankind can live a good life.Continue Reading

The Recovery Agent

Stephanie Plum’s creator comes up with a new free-spirited female character in Gabriella Rose, The Recovery Agent. Gabriella finds lost things as a profession but this time it’s personal. Gabriella’s grandmother has a kooky idea to save their small Southern fishing town from developers. So, Gabriella is soon searching forContinue Reading


Chilling! Thrilling! Sundial is a genuinely frightening tale of a family gone horribly wrong. If everyone around you is mad, is the best response to go mad yourself? Rob is worried. Her daughter, Callie, is acting strangely. Her husband, Irving, is cheating on her…again. Unfortunately, Rob can’t divorce Irving becauseContinue Reading

Eating Salad Drunk

Eating Salad Drunk is a bunch of haikus by comedians that you have probably never heard of. The book proves two things.  Haikus are more fun to write than to read, and Comedians are no better than anyone else in writing humorous ones. I’m disappointed. I had high hopes forContinue Reading


One hot and humid morning, my Siamese cat Mochi and I began reading Pawmistry. The book explains how your cat is “privy to the most staggering universal truths and yet [is] still being regarded as a mere house pet!” The author explains her dislike of the word pet in aContinue Reading

Text in Show

Text in Show is a modern retelling of Cinderella set at a socialite dog show. What makes this show different? Mother-dog matching clothing, doggy evening gown and swimsuit competitions are just part of the craziness! Autumn has a hyper-critical mother. Sure, it took her ten years to get her collegeContinue Reading

Zom 100 Vol 2

“Quitting my job opened my eyes. I’m gonna do everything I ever wanted. No restrictions!“ Akira Tendo is still trying to finish his list of a hundred (more or less) things he wants to do before becoming a zombie. While waiting for the zombie apocalypse might take us awhile (dependingContinue Reading

Good Eggs

In Good Eggs, Kevin Gogarty has 99 Problems and a light-fingered mum is one. Eighty-three year-old Millie is caught shoplifting in the local shop. But it was only a birthday card and a packet of crisps. What’s the worst that could happen? “A single horrid thought filters through: if theContinue Reading


It’s twelve-year-old Jeff’s worst nightmare. Being trapped at a wellness camp eating food recently buried in dirt and bunking with strangers. Worst of all, no cell phone. Nothing is as bad as going Unplugged cold turkey. How can he get out of this 1960s prison? And why are the adultsContinue Reading

You Couldn't make it up

From questioning a band’s name (based on the age of its members that includes Phil Collins, shouldn’t Genesis be renamed Exodus?) to negotiating with the Grim Reaper for an extra year (because “2020 will be a write-off”), there is something in You Couldn’t Make It Up…! for every taste. HereContinue Reading